Dog Licenses

Dog License Application

Complete the dog license application online.

You can also print a PDF version of the dog license application and mail it to our office.

Price & Expiration

Dog licenses expire on December 31 and must be obtained no later than January 31 or within 30 days of moving into the City of Falls Church for dogs older than 4 months. The application must be accompanied by a valid rabies vaccination certificate, plus certification from a veterinarian if the dog has been neutered. The license fee is $10 for fertile dogs or $5 for neutered / spayed dogs. The licenses are issued by the Treasurer's Office.
Labrador Dog
3-Year Licenses
Beginning in 2007, the Treasurer's Office moved to 3 year dog licenses that run concurrently with your dog's rabies certificate. These 3 year licenses expire on December 31 of the year your dog's rabies certificate expires. (If your dog's rabies certificate is a 1 year certificate, then the dog license will be issued for 1 year as well.) There is no additional cost for a 3 year license!

All dogs must have their city dog license securely attached to a collar. It must be worn at all times when the animal is off the owner's property.

Off-Leash Laws
Dogs must be leashed when on public property or the private property of others. It is against the law to allow your dog to run loose on city school grounds, city parks, and privately owned areas such as cemeteries. Falls Church does not currently have areas designated where dogs can run freely.