Ways to Be Informed and to Contact Council

There are a number of ways to learn about City Council actions and ways to contact Council Members.


The City's website offers a number of subscriptions. You can opt in to receive text messages or emails when updates are made or new documents released. The options for City Council-related subscriptions are:

  • Meeting Calendar and Agendas: Subscribe at this link to be notified when a City Council meeting is cancelled, rescheduled, or changed in some way (time or venue). You will also be notified when an agenda is posted.
  • Legislative Updates: Subscribe at this link to be notified when the Legislative Update is posted. Legislative Updates are quick summaries of action taken by Council at Regular Meetings. Archives can be found here.
  • Focus on Falls Church eNewsletter: Subscribe at this link to stay up-to-date on what's going on in The Little City via the weekly eNewsletter.

Sending Your Comments to City Council (updated August 2020)

The City Council is meeting virtually during the COVID-19 declared emergency. There are several ways to get your message to City Council.

Send Comments Before a City Council Meeting

  • E-mail the City Council at any time of the day or night at cityclerk@fallschurchva.gov.
  • E-mails are provided to City Council daily and are presented at the next regular City Council meeting during the “Summary of Written Comments” agenda item.

Send Comments During a City Council Regular Meeting

Regular meetings are held the second and fourth Mondays of every month, except during recess in August and December.

  • Watch the meeting at www.fallschurchva.gov/CouncilMeetings and send your e-mail when requested. E-mails from individuals or one statement from a group will be presented.

  • General Comments
    • On the day of the regular meeting, between 7:20 p.m. and 7:45 p.m., send your e-mail about any subject to cityclerk@fallschurchva.gov.
    • E-mails will be presented during the “Receipt of Public Comments” agenda item.
  • Public Hearing Comments
    • When the Mayor requests comments on specific public hearing items, send your e-mail about the public hearing item being heard to cityclerk@fallschurchva.gov.
    • The Mayor will ask you to e-mail your comment when the public hearing item is introduced and will later announce when the time for comment on the item has ended (generally after staff has made their presentation about the item to City Council).
    • E-mails will be presented during the public hearing for the agenda item.

Types of City Council Meetings

  • Regular Meetings: These are held the second and fourth Mondays of every month. There is a public comment opportunity at every legislative meeting. 

  • Work Sessions: Work sessions are always open to the public. While there is no opportunity for public comment, this is where the Council holds detailed discussions about items they will be voting on at regular meetings. Work sessions are held the first and third Mondays of every month. Videos of work sessions are typically available within a few days of the meeting.

How to Watch City Council Meetings

  • Watch Meetings Online: Go to www.fallschurchva.gov/CouncilMeetings to watch live through the Granicus widget.

  • Watch Meetings at Home: City Council meetings are broadcast live on FCCTV (Cox channel 11, RCN channel 2, Verizon channel 35).