Broad & Washington Project

Broad and Washington is a new mixed-use development project proposed by Insight Property Group LLC represented by McGuire Woods LLP. The site is located at the corner of East Broad Street and North Washington Street. As proposed the project would include the following elements:

  • a seven-story mixed-use building with a ground floor retail use of approximately 26,300 square feet;
  • up to six-stories of residential multi-family rental apartments with 295 units;
  • a six-story office building; and
  • a one-story above grade parking garage in addition to two levels of underground parking.

Subject Properties

The Applicant proposes to consolidate three parcels along the north side of E. Broad Street between North Washington and Lawton Streets. The subject parcels are as follows: 100 N. Washington Street, 127 E. Broad Street, and 131 E. Broad Street. The site is occupied by an office building at the intersection of E. Broad and N. Washington Streets, an Applebee's restaurant, and a medical office building at the intersection of E. Broad and Lawton Streets.  


The City is asked to consider the following land use actions associated with the development proposal:

  1. Zoning Map Amendment (Rezoning) – to change from T-1, Transitional District (City Code definition here) to B-2, Central Business District (City Code definition here)
  2. Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map Amendment – from Business and Transitional to Mixed-Use
  3. Special Exception – to allow residential use within a mixed-use development
  4. Special Exception – to allow a height bonus of up to 10 feet in B-2, Central Business District

Development proposals of this scale must go through numerous phases of staff review and receive several reviews and approvals by boards, commissions and City organizations before they are considered for approval by the City Council. 

Public Input

For questions or comments contact:
Carly Aubrey  
Gary Fuller
Akida Rouzi

Upcoming Public Meetings

Due to the City Hall renovation, following meeting times and locations are subject to change. Please contact the staff support for meeting details in advance of the scheduled meeting.

City Council Work Session
February 5, 2018, 7:30 PM
Community Center, Senior Center
223 Little Falls St.

Application Status

A 5th submission with revised plans and application materials was received on October 13, 2017. On November 13, 2017, the City Council granted 1st Reading and referred the project to Boards, Commissions and community organizations. The City Council 2nd Reading and public hearing for final consideration of the project is scheduled for April 9, 2018.

Comments received from boards and commissions to date

5th Submission - Application Materials (October 13, 2017)

Revised Project Book
Conceptual Development Plan
Comprehensive Plan Statement of Justification
Fiscal Impact Sheet 1
Fiscal Impact Sheet 2
Rezoning Statement of Justification
Special Exception Narrative Statement
Draft Voluntary Concessions
Fiscal Impact Analysis by Applicant
Shared Parking Study
Traffic Impact Analysis 

Revised Plans and Documents to Supplement the 4th Submission (June 26, 2017)

Revised Plan Set
Revised Architectural Plans
Updated Voluntary Concessions 

4th Submission - Application Materials (May 26, 2017)

Revised Project Book - Part 1
Revised Project Book - Part 2
Revised Project Book - Part 3
Fiscal Impact Input Sheet
Conceptual Development Plan Set
Comprehensive Plan Statement of Justification
Rezoning Statement of Justification
Special Exception Narrative Statement
Response Letter
Draft Voluntary Concessions 

3rd Submission - Application Materials (March, 2017)

Cover Letter
Revised Project Book - Part 1
Revised Project Book - Part 2
Revised Project Book - Part 3
Revised Fiscal Impact Analysis
Shared Parking Update
Revised Traffic Impact Analysis
Revised Plan Sets
Comprehensive Plan Statement of Justification
Rezoning Statement of Justification
Special Exception Narrative Statement

2nd Submission - Application Materials (December, 2015)

Broad & Washington Rezoning-Special Exception Review Book
Broad & Washington Conceptual Development Plan
Broad & Washington Shared Parking Report
Broad & Washington Traffic Impact Analysis with Appendix
Broad & Washington Metes and Bounds
Broad & Washington - Draft Voluntary Concessions
Broad & Washington Response Letter

1st Submission - Application Materials (August, 2015)

Architectural Packet
Conceptual Development Plan
Application and Supporting Documents
Fiscal Impact Data

Other Documents and Presentations

Presentation to City Council - April 3, 2017 Work Session