2015 Employee Spotlights

Kevin AnkneyKevin Ankney
The City of Falls Church Police Department is committed to providing a safe environment for all community members by protecting life, property, and preserving peace within the community. 

Kevin Ankney is a Corporal with the Police Department and has worked for the City for 15 years. In 2008, Ankney initiated a campaign to prevent graffiti in the City of Falls Church and surrounding jurisdictions. He taught and mentored several officers through the graffiti prevention, enforcement and the abatement process.

“I work the night shift and patrol the neighborhoods,” Ankney said. “I go out and speak with business owners in the community so that they know who I am should they ever need the Police.”
Kathy CrandallKathy Crandall
After working for the City for nearly four years, Kathy Crandall has been a major asset for the Public Works Department. Wearing so many different hats, Crandall has the opportunity to meet many different people. This includes working with contractors, City Crews, citizens, Police and all the different departments within the City!

"I support the Public Works Operations Division which consists of 28 employees – two Street Crews, the Sanitary Sewer Crew, the Storm Sewer Crew, the Urban Forestry Crew, the Auto/Equipment Fleet Crew, Facilities, the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent."

On an average day, Crandall monitors and logs all facility ticket requests and Public Works Operations tasks; tracks and reports for payroll and reimbursement; oversees custodial services; and addresses public concern for snow and leaf removal, road repairs and other infrastructure issues.

One of Crandall's favorite projects was helping to oversee the renovation of the City Hall courtroom in late 2013.
Joe DowlingDowling
Public Works is a huge department in the City of Falls Church. From Urban Forestry to Street Crews—there are a lot people that help make the City run smoothly. Joe Dowling is one of them. 

Dowling is a Backhoe Operator and Crew Leader and has dedicated his life to this job—working for an astonishing 34 years for the City. 

Humble beyond words, Dowling is an exceptionally talented employee, hardworking and eager to work. Each day for Dowling is different. On any given day he might be working on concrete, asphalt, leaf collection, snow removal, storm sewer repair, sanitary sewer repair, or the water main system. 

“I do whatever is needed of me and I do it to the best of my abilities,” said Dowling.

Robert Goff, the Superintendent of Operations, Public Works Division has been supervising Dowling for 17 years and was quick to praise Dowling’s hard work. “He works around the clock and works non-stop. He is my right-hand man. He is a jack of all trades.”

Dowling knows how to have a good time. He and the team named the backhoe Jolene—which they affectionately refer to as “Jo-Jo.”
Jeffrey HillHill
The Treasurer's Office is responsible for collecting taxes, such as the Real Estate and Personal Property Tax. Jeffrey Hill has worked for the City for seven years as the Chief Deputy Treasurer and knows all of the ins and outs of the department. 

Hill is responsible for supervising the day-to-day operations in the Treasurer’s Office. He acts as the Treasurer in the Treasurer’s absence, with legal authority for signing checks, and other document as well as making needed decisions.

"I respond to telephone and in-person inquiries from the public, mortgage companies or businesses," said Hill. "I administer the City’s tax relief programs for elderly and/or disabled residents, disabled veterans and surviving spouses of service members killed in action."

One thing Hill really likes is the people he works with. "You won’t find a nicer, more dedicated, or fun group of coworkers anywhere!"
Sandy Ingram-Salangsandy ingram
The City Manager's Office is in the East Wing of City Hall and is a busy office--it manages the day-to-day activities and administrative actions of the City, to ensure that the City is being responsive to the needs of its residents.

Sandy Ingram-Salang is the Executive Assistant to the City Manager and has worked for the City for 12 years. Her primary role is to serve as a liaison between the City Manager and citizens, as well as visitors and other City departments.

"My position allows me the ability to interact with every office within the City of Falls Church. It’s nice to work with and get to know so many great people," said Ingram-Salang.
Charles PrinceCharles Prince
The City of Falls Church loves its greenery and trees. In fact, it was named a Tree City USA Community by the Arbor Day Foundation for the 37th year in a row. With all of the parks and greenspaces, comes a a lot of work and maintenance from the Urban Forestry division. Charles Prince, Senior Greenspace Worker, has worked for the City for nearly nine years.

Prince is responsible for pruning trees from the ground and aloft in the City right-of-way, maintaining and creating gardens in the parks and on other City properties.

"I appreciate that I help maintain spaces for people to look at and enjoy throughout the City. It is really cool to watch all the trees I have planted grow and be part of the greater landscape of the City," Prince said.
Veronica PrinceVeronica
Veronica Prince has worked for the City of Falls Church for 15 years and has been the Deputy City Clerk since 2007.

Within the City Clerk's office she is responsible for completing legislative research for citizens and staff, and maintaining records for the Freedom of Information Act. She also coordinates membership for more than 40 City, regional, and ad-hoc boards and commissions. Additionally, she assists the City Clerk and the City Manager’s office with preparing the City Council’s regular meeting and work session packages and posting the information online.

"I became interested in the process of government as a child," Prince said. "I wanted cars on my street to slow down and convinced the county that the traffic was a problem, so they put up speed limit and 'children playing' signs."

Working for the City seems to be a family tradition. Prince's mother retired from the City of Falls Church in 2010 and her husband currently works in the Urban Forestry Department. 

"It’s so nice to put faces to the names that cross my desk every day and celebrate the citizens who volunteer to help make our City great!"
Paul StanfordPaul Stanford
Paul Stanford is a very recent hire of the City of Falls Church, having only started this past April. In his role as the Housing Specialist for the Housing and Human Services Department he is responsible for numerous programs including managing the City’s Affordable Dwelling Unit (ADU) rental program; working to solve tenant, landlord issues and disputes; and promoting the City’s home rehab program. 

"This role is special because it allows me to use all of the housing experience I gained in Detroit, Canada, and Washington, D.C. to develop solutions to solve affordable housing issues within the City. I hope that through my work l will be able to provide more access to affordable housing."

Prior to joining the City, Stanford worked for the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP), where he conducted extensive research and analysis on HUD’s (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development) Moving-to-Work program and several other HUD rental housing programs. 
Xueqin (Jennifer) WangJennifer Wang
Better known as 'Jennifer' by staff, Wang has been with the City of Falls Church for six months. With a background and masters degree from Virginia Tech in Transportation Engineering, Wang is right at home working with other engineers in the Public Works Department. 

Wang is responsible for the planning, design and maintenance of the roadway network for the City. She helps to maintain the computerized traffic control system, traffic signals, street lights, street signs, and investigates citizen concerns as related to transportation engineering. She also oversees contractor work and reviews plans and studies.

"My goal is to help the City by building a happy and safe environment. I do that by maintaining and providing safe and efficient movement of traffic in the City."

Wang's work with the City helps to create better roadways for thousands of commuters that travel through Falls Church each day. Even the youngest in the community have noticed her work. Wang said her 5-year-old son, Milan, commented on a broken traffic signal on Great Falls Street--which she was able to fix!

"It makes me feels that my job is very visible in our daily life," Wang said.
Ashley WilliamsAshley Williams
The Falls Church Community Center is a special place in the City—it’s a place where residents can meet and socialize, attend meetings, and learn new skills. Through the Recreation & Parks Department, residents can sign up for classes and camps throughout the year and attend fun indoor activities. 

Ashley Williams is the Senior Administrative Assistant for the Community Center and has worked for the City more than a year. Through her job, she has the opportunity to interact with community members. Williams is responsible for payroll, facilities reservations and processing, class and camp registration, and creating new accounts for new visitors. Additionally, she attends all major events and helps coordinate them—such as Memorial Day, Taste of Falls Church, and Christmas events. 

One of her favorite times of year at the Community Center is Halloween. “It’s always fun to see the preschool children dressed up in Halloween costumes--as monsters and witches. It’s really cute.”