Lock It or Lose It


Over 99% of vehicle burglaries have two things in common: the doors were unlocked and valuables were left inside. It's a serious problem with a simple solution.

Starting right now, make the change: when you leave your vehicle, take your valuables with you and lock the doors. When you’re at work, when you’re out shopping, when you’re at home: always lock your vehicle and never leave valuables inside.

It’s so simple. It’s so easy. Lock It or Lose It.


Lock your doors every time you leave the house and before bed. This includes those rarely-used doors to the patio, in the basement, to the garage -- lock them all to keep you, your family, and your belongings safe. It's an easy, simple way to take action.

Lawn Equipment

The warmer months often coincides with an increase in lawn equipment theft, such as lawn mowers, weed eaters, hedge trimmers, and other costly garden tools.

While lawn equipment larceny is often a major problem for professional landscapers, homeowners can also be victims. Here are some tips for reducing the likelihood of lawn equipment theft.
Protect Your Lawn Equipment infographic
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