Streetscape Standards

Adopted Standards

An update to the City's Streetscape Standards was adopted by City Council on March 13, 2017. 
Streetscape Logo - 2016

Boards and Commissions Referral

At their September 13, 2016 meeting, the Streetscape Taskforce referred the draft Streetscape Standards to the City's Boards and Commissions. The Streetscape Taskforce made its recommendations to City Council in December 2016.  The materials in the referral package included: 

Meeting Materials

Meeting Date Links to Materials
June 14, 2016 Agenda
July 12, 2016 Agenda
Decision Making Process
Group Membership
June 14, 2016 Draft Minutes
Flip Chart - Taskforce Membership 06/14/2016
Flip Chart - Streetscape Interests sheet 1 06/14/2016
Flip Chart - Streetscape Interests sheet 2 06/14/2016
Flip Chart - Staff team and topics for discussion 06/14/2016
Flip Chart - Flexibility 06/14/2016
Flip Chart - Mind Map left side 06/14/2016
Flip Chart - Mind Map right side 06/14/2016
CACT Walkability Survey
Tree Planter Issues
DRAFT Streetscape Guidelines Plan
Streetscape Guidelines 1st Draft Survey Form
July 30, 2016
Walking Tour
August 16, 2016 Item 0 - Streetscape Taskforce Agenda
Item 1 - Streetscape Taskforce Minutes
Item 4a - Presentation
Item 4b - Draft Streetscape Guidelines 08/09/2016
Item 5a - Vibrant and Functional Streetscapes
Item 5b - Draft Streetscape Guidelines 07/14/2016
Item 5c - Draft Cross Sections
Item 5d - Walkability Survey
Item 5e - Herndon Streetscape Design Guidelines
Item 5f - Richmond Sidewalk Café Design Guidelines
Item 7 - Future Agendas
August 23, 2016 Streetscape Taskforce Agenda 
Streetscape Taskforce Minutes
September 13, 2016 Item 0 -Streetscape Taskforce Agenda
Item 1b - Streetscape Taskforce Minutes, August 23, 2016
Item 5 - Draft Streetscape Guidelines 09/13/2016
Item 6 - Referral to Boards and Commissions Memo
Item 7a - Additional Cross Sections - Updated 
Item 7b - Updated draft zoning language
Item 7c - draft Statement of Purpose
Item 7d - draft Tree Planting Specifications
 October 18, 2016 Streetscape Taskforce Agenda
Item 1 - Streetscape Taskforce Minutes, September 13, 2016
Item 2a - Sidewalk Sections Map
Items 2b - Cross sections for secondary streets
Item 3a - Stormwater Management and Streetscape
Item 3b - Potential Future Crosswalks Draft
Item 3c - Sandwich Boards
Item 3d - Guidelines for Outdoor Dining
Item 4a - Draft memo to City Council
Correspondence - LED light color temperature
 November 14, 2016 Item 0 - Streetscape Taskforce Agenda
Item 1 - Streetscape Taskforce Minutes, October 11, 2016
Item 2i - Draft Streetscape Standards
Item 2ii - 20 Foot Options From Referral
Item 3 - Boards, Commission, DRC Comments
Item 4i - Draft Response to City Council
Item 4ii - Draft Zoning Language
Item 5 - Staff Recommendations for Next Steps
 December 13, 2016 Item 0 - Streetscape Taskforce Agenda
Item 1a - Streetscape Taskforce Minutes, November 14, 2016
Item 2a - Draft Streetscape Standards
Item 2b - Comments from Boards and Commissions
Item 2c - Broad and Washington 100 Block Conditions
Item 2c - Outstanding Items
Item 2d - Draft Response to Council
Item 3 - Andrew Painter draft language Introduction, Goals, Public Art 


Streetscape design impacts many different facets of the community. As such, taskforce membership was drawn from a broad set of groups to ensure different viewpoints were represented. The taskforce included representatives from City Council, Planning Commission, Economic Development Authority, Citizens Advisory Committee on Transportation, Tree Commission, Village Preservation and Improvement Society, Chamber of Commerce, Environmental Sustainability Council, and more.

Staff Liaisons


The City has adopted several policy documents regarding streetscape design over the past 30 years. The City Council on May 9, 2016 initiated an effort to develop consolidated guidelines with the input of key stakeholders and the expertise of staff, boards, commissions, and community groups. As part of the initiative, the City Council approved the Streetscape Charter and established the Taskforce on Streetscape Design.
The taskforce was responsible for reviewing the City's existing streetscape policy guides and recommending policy changes to City Council. The recommendation was to support the following goals:

  1. Use streetscape elements to brand the City;
  2. Create an identity that is different from the rest of the region; and
  3. Promote economic activity in the City's commercial areas; and
  4. Provide accessibility and safety for street users.

Existing Streetscape Plans and Guidelines

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