The Department of Public Works (DPW) manages the construction and maintenance of all traffic control devices, traffic lane/directional markings, traffic signs and intersection signals within the city limits. Asset inventory includes 27 traffic signals, nearly 200 City-owned streetlights, and more than 2,000 street signs.

Traffic signal and street light maintenance is performed under contract, and traffic sign maintenance is performed by City staff. The City receives funding from the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to offset a portion of the total maintenance costs for City streets.

City crews provide leaf collection, storm sewer maintenance, and emergency assistance such as snow removal and clean up from severe weather events, as necessary.

Street Maintenance & Construction
DPW also manages the construction and maintenance of all City streets, including street paving and repairs, curb and gutter replacement, and sidewalk repair and construction. VDOT provides funding to offset a portion of paving and related costs.

City Right-of-Way

For any work in the City right-of-way, applicable permits and bonds are required. These include curb cuts, driveway aprons, utilities work, and temporary lane or road closures.

Leaf Collection
DPW collects and disposes of all leaves raked to the curb by residents during the designated leaf collection season, from mid-October to mid-December. City crews as well as seasonal employees provide these services. After collection, leaves are ground into mulch and made available to residents. 

Street Sweeping
DPW manages the street sweeping contract. Regular street sweeping is required by stormwater management regulations and benefits the city by significantly reducing the volume of pollutants entering local streams through the city's 900 storm drain openings. It also reduces the cost of storm sewer cleaning efforts and the chance of blockages in the system.