Early Voting

No Excuse Early (Absentee) Voting

As of July 1, 2020, Virginia now has "no-excuse early (or absentee) voting." In other words, no longer will a voter need a "valid" reason to vote absentee. Voters are now allowed to vote early/absentee just because they choose to.

Voting Early By-Mail

The easiest and best way to apply for a by-mail ballot is to go to the Virginia Department of Elections website. You can also mail or drop off a completed application to our office at 300 Park Ave., Falls Church VA, 22046. 

Voters are able to apply for an absentee ballot up to a year before any election and are encouraged to apply as soon as they choose to vote-by-mail. 

As of July 1, 2021, Virginia is no longer in a declared emergency for the pandemic. Therefore witness signatures are required on all cast by-mail ballot envelopes. 

There are two ways voters can track their ballot by mail:  

  1. Monitor ballot's delivery status, including the expected date of arrival and delivery confirmation, via Ballot Scout (link for City of Falls Church voters only). 
  2. Confirm ballot has been received on the Virginia Department of Election's Citizen Portal: vote.elections.virginia.gov

Witness signatures are required on the Statement of Voter portion of Envelope B. 

Ballot Box

Voters who requested a ballot by mail may deposit their completed ballot at a secure Ballot Box located outside City Hall (300 Park Ave.) The Ballot Box is under 24/7 video surveillance and is monitored by the Falls Church Police Department. 

Make sure you include "Envelope B" inside the dark orange return envelope provided when dropping your ballot at the Ballot Box. 

ballot box

Voting Early In-Person

Early in-person voters must bring a valid Voter ID, which as of July 1, 2020 includes their Voter Information Notice (aka Voter Card) or a utility bill with their name and registered address on it. Valid Photo IDs - such as a Virginia Drivers License, US Passport, or Employment Badge - are still accepted as Voter ID as well. 

  • Voters over the age of 65 or with physical limitations may vote curbside outside City Hall. Call the Elections Office at 703-248-5085 (TTY 711) once you've arrived or to call ahead and make an appointment.

More information about Early (Absentee) Voting

Visit the Virginia Department of Election’s website or call the City of Falls Church Voter Registration and Elections page at 703-248-5085 (TTY 711).