Impounded Animals

Holding Times
If your dog is impounded by the Animal Control Officer, another police officer, or taken to the shelter by a citizen, you may redeem your animal immediately. State law requires shelters to hold stray animals for 5 days if the animal arrives at the shelter without a collar or identification tag, and 10 days if the animal arrives with a collar or a tag.

Reclaiming Your Animal
To redeem your animal, obtain an animal release form from the Police Dispatcher or Animal Control Officer. The Police Department is open 24 hours a day and you must present a valid rabies certificate and have a current city dog license. Take the animal release form to the Animal Welfare League of Arlington to claim your pet. You must pay the shelter a $25 per day boarding fee starting with the day your animal was impounded. Please refer to City Code Part II, Chapter 4, Article 1, Sec. 4-5 for more information.