Neighborhood Tree Program

The Neighborhood Tree Program (NTP) works to reduce summer temperatures and storm water runoff, improve air quality, beautify neighborhoods, and increase property values by 20% in our community. They accomplish all this by the simple act of planting trees!

Resources Available
The Neighborhood Tree Program has a number of downloads available for residents and businesses:
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How You Can Help

The NTP was initiated by the Village Preservation and Improvement Society in 2000 and continues to be run by citizen volunteers working in partnership with the city's Urban Forestry Division. Volunteers raise money to purchase trees and then plant them in the city right-of-way in residential neighborhoods. To see one example of past NTP efforts, take a walk down Randolph Street and enjoy all the fringe trees.

If you would like information about the program or would like to see if your right-of-way qualifies for a free street tree, please contact the city Arborist's Office or email the department.

If you would like to volunteer for the NTP, please email NTP Steering Committee Chair, Seth Heminway, or call 703-536-3049.
Planting Trees
Thank You NTP Volunteers
In fall 2008, more than 30 street trees were planted throughout the City of Falls Church as part of the program. These trees will help clean our air and water, and provide shade to our streets, thereby reducing the "heat island effect."

When each tree matures, it will produce enough oxygen to support three people a year to breathe.

Thanks volunteers, for your dedication, enthusiasm, and for making our community a healthier and more beautiful place to live!
Neighborhood Tree Program Volunteers