Penman's Palette

Penman's Palette George Mason HS

About Penman's Palette

Penman's Palette, the student literary magazine of George Mason Junior-Senior High School from 1953 until 1960, was created as the brain child of exceptional English Teacher, Miss Shirley R. March, B.A., Middlebury College.  Shirley was sponsor of both the Senior Dramatics Club and the Penman's Palette, which featured stories, poems, essays, cartoons, drawings, crossword puzzles, and even sheet music.  The magazine in later decades was retitled Tempo and then Nine Muses.


About Issue Dates & Numbering

Publication dates for the Penman’s Palette correspond to GMHS Class years, which extended from September of the previous calendar year. Specific dates for individual issues are only provided where a publication date appeared in the issue itself. The numbering in the above list is a best attempt to represent the sequence in which the publication was released. Volume and issue numbering are consistent, with the exception of the 1958 – Vol. VI Spring issue, which was mistakenly published as Volume 5, and the June 1960 issue, which was mistakenly published as Volume VII, rather than Volume VIII.  On 1960 - Vol. VIII, Issue 1 (Dec 1959), the Volume number was omitted when published.

Have additional issues? 

If you have any digital (or print) copies of Penman's Palette not included above, please let us know. We'd love to add them to our collection! 


Special thanks to Steve Callanen (GM '59), who scanned, annotated, and then donated these digital copies to the library.