Ives Branch (Hillwood Ave. #1)


Design Phase (Summer 2021)

Conceptual design was completed in March 2021. Final design is scheduled for completion by October 2021 with construction anticipated for July 2022. 

About the Project

Part of the Cameron Run Watershed, the Ives Branch begins around W Broad St and runs underground beneath Hillwood Ave., near Berry St. and towards Fairfax County. Existing storm drains and the pipe at the base of the Ives Branch are undersized: any 10-year storm occurrences routinely overwhelm the current stormwater infrastructure, leading to widespread flooding into nearby homes and yards, resulting in property damage, tree root destabilization, and mosquito breeding grounds. The frequent flooding also poses a significant safety risk to both vehicles and pedestrians, as Hillwood Ave. is one of the City’s major thoroughfares.

The Ives Branch (Hillwood Ave #1) project will replace the smaller, undersized pipes with a larger, sturdier concrete box culvert that will better handle large volumes of stormwater. The City will also improve channel conditions directly downstream.

In 2020, the Stormwater Task Force identified the Ives Branch (Hillwood Ave #1) as one of six priority projects due to the severity of flood damage

Ives Branch


The project is estimated to cost $1,312,000, with the majority of funds coming from the Stormwater Utility Fund.


  • Initial Design: Complete
  • Final Design: October 2021
  • Bids: December 2021
  • Construction: July 2022
  • Completion: October 2022

Contact Information

Anthony Dudley, Stormwater Project Manager, Adudley@fallschurchva.gov or 571-238-6370