Ives Branch (Hillwood Ave. #1)

Status: Bid Phase

This project is currently in the bid phase, with construction anticipated for Summer 2023. 

About the Project

The Hillwood Avenue #1 project is centered around the 700 block of Hillwood Avenue and looks to address excessive street and home flooding from rain events less than the 10-year event.   Enhanced hydraulic modeling of this area shows widespread street flooding in the area that affects traffic and homes. The modeling has demonstrated a way to reduce this flooding, thereby meeting the City’s standards for storm water infrastructure of this type.   The project is currently in the easement and permitting phase.  The design consists of replacing old CMP pipe along Brook Drive near its intersection with Hillwood Avenue, the pipe in the side yard of 702 Hillwood Avenue will be replaced and there will be downstream channel improvements completed.  The project is being funded by the ARPA grants the City received in 2021.



The project is being funded by grants from the American Rescue Plan Act.


Construction is planned for the summer of 2023.

Contact Information

Anthony Dudley, Stormwater Project Manager, Adudley@fallschurchva.gov or 571-238-6370 (TTY 711).