Tripps Run (Sherrow Ave. / S Virginia Ave.)

Status: Planning Phase 

Construction to start in winter 2024. 

About the Project

The Sherrow Ave project is located in the area of Sherrow Ave, W. Westmorland Rd., and South Virginia Ave. in the City of Falls Church. The name of the watercourse is named Gundry Branch and is complete piped with no open channels part of the system. The problems center around excessive ponding of stormwater in the road on South Virginia Ave., at the downstream end of the system, caused by undersized stormwater drainage and lack of catch basins to help collect the stormwater runoff on the road. This further causes the existing catch basins to pond water on the road affecting traffic passage and parked vehicles. The preliminary plan includes the use of green infrastructure and additional catch basins to quickly remove stormwater runoff from the road. Planning has started on the project with some hydraulic and hydrologic modeling performed and options tested. The scope of the project will include analyzing the entire storm drainage system of Gundry Branch including understanding the flood risk and infrastructure’s level of service.



Info coming soon!


Fall 2022- Spring 2025

Contact Information

Anthony Dudley, Stormwater Project Manager, or 571-238-6370 (TTY 711).