East End Small Area Plan

Adopted Plan

By unanimous vote, City Council adopted the East End Small Area Plan on June 26, 2023 as a guiding vision for future investments in the East End of the City. The Plan includes a vision for equitable development in the East End with an emphasis on anti-displacement, arts and culture, improved transportation infrastructure, and sustainability. The adopted East End Small Area Plan is the result of a significant amount of community engagement and collaboration. The final plan chapters can be found below. The combined pdf can be found here: Full Plan.

East End Concept Visuals

Night market

What Is a Small Area Plan?

A Small Area Plan (SAP) defines a vision for redevelopment or reinvestment in a relatively small area of the City, approximately 10 blocks in size. The vision is sensitive to the area's history and responds to the current and future needs of the City's residents, workers, and visitors.

The East End Small Area Plan provides a vision for reinvestment and building on the existing strengths of the area. The East End is one of the City's eight "Planning Opportunity Areas" that were identified in the City's Comprehensive Plan as commercial areas that would benefit from renewed investment. Planning in advance of development is key to creating an environment that maximizes community benefits and minimizes negative impacts.

Area Description

The area outlined in yellow in the map below is the Planning Opportunity Area. The borders include Wilson Blvd., E. Broad St., and Hillwood Ave. Businesses in the area include BJ's Wholesale Club, the Eden Center, Koons Ford, 24 Hour Fitness, and other smaller businesses. There are no residences in this area.


Community Engagement

The City conducted an unprecedented process of community engagement over the course of two years.  This community engagement process included hosting two community meetings, meeting with all of the City's Boards and Commissions, conducting a public survey that received over 2000 responses, and hosting a series of five pop ups (one at the Falls Church Farmers Market and four at the Eden Center). The purpose of these community engagement efforts was to further engage with the community, giving anyone interested an opportunity to learn more about the plan and give feedback and suggestions.

To learn more about these Community Engagement efforts and what we heard check out the following reports:


Frequently Asked Questions

Download a list of frequently asked questions (updated February 16, 2023):


Date   Topic  
November 6, 2021   Community Kickoff
Presentation and flipchart notes from breakout sessions.
December 1, 2021   Planning Commission Work Session   
March 21, 2022   City Council Work Session   
April 20, 2022   Planning Commission Work Session  
August 3, 2022   Planning Commission Work Session  
September 27, 2022   City Council Work Session  
October 2022 - November 2022   Boards and Commissions Review  
October 11, 2022   Housing Commission  
October 12, 2022    Architectural Advisory Board  
October 12, 2022   Citizens Advisory Committee on Transportation  
October 19, 2022   Urban Forestry Commission  
October 20, 2022   Arts and Humanities Council   
October 27, 2022   Historical Commission   
October 27, 2022   Historic Architecture Review Board  
November 1, 2022    Economic Development Authority  
November 3, 2022    Chamber of Commerce  
November 17, 2022    Environmental Sustainability Council  
October 15, 2022   Farmers Market Pop-Up  
November 2022    Community Meeting #2 (notes here)  
January 18, 2023   Planning Commission Listening Session   
February 6, 2023    City Council Work Session  
March 18, 2023   First Pop Up at Eden Center  
March 22, 2023   Second Pop Up at Eden Center  
March 29, 2023   Third Pop Up at Eden Center  
April 22, 2023   Final Pop Up at Eden Center  
May 3, 2023   Planning Commission Work Session  
May 17, 2023   CANCELLED: Planning Commission Work Session  
May 22, 2023   City Council Work Session  
June 7, 2023   Planning Commission Final Action  
June 26, 2023  

City Council Final Action