Keep Reusable Bags Clean

When in Doubt, Wash Your Bags!

  1. Clean
    Wash bags after each use, following care instructions. Wipe insulated bags with a disinfecting or sanitizing cloth, especially along seams.
  2. Separate
    Use separate bags for raw meats, seafood and produce. Label bags to avoid any confusion. Keep bags for non-food items, like cleaners, separate from food bags.
  3. Store
    After washing, make sure your bags are dry before storing. Do not store bags in your car trunk. This is a dark, warm and often humid environment that promotes bacteria growth.

Wash Instructions

If your bag comes with wash instructions, follow those guidelines. Otherwise, see below:

  • Bamboo or Hemp: Made of biodegradable, natural fibers. Hand or machine wash (gentle cycle) with mild laundry detergent. Machine or line dry.

  • Cotton: Made of biodegradable, natural fiber. Machine wash with hot water and laundry detergent. Machine or line dry.

  • Insulated Bags (Cold Bags, Freezer Bags): Insulated polyester fiber and coated thermal film keep foods/drinks cold or hot. Hand wash in warm water and soap or wipe with disinfecting or anti-bacterial wipes, especially along seams. Line dry.

  • Nylon or Polyester: A durable, petroleum product. Hand wash in warm water and soap. Turn inside out and line dry.

  • Woven or Nonwoven Polypropylene: A form of plastic that can be made from recycled plastic containers. Machine wash (gentle cycle with soap and cold water) or hand wash in soap and water. Line dry.