LED Streetlight Replacement Project


The City will start issuing work orders to Dominion Energy in January 2023 to begin LED streetlight replacement. The City anticipates a 12 to 16-month duration to complete the replacement of all existing streetlights. The project will start near the Broad and Birch shopping center and surrounding neighborhoods and work east. 

The City is currently working on the 5th work order submission to Dominion that will include a mini pilot program with Whitter Circle due to the lights close proximity to each other. 

Pilot Phase Outcomes

In September 2022, The City conducted a 30-day pilot program that allowed the public to see examples of the various fixture types, wattages, and color temperatures. The 21 test locations in key areas around the City included an attached flyer with a QR code. The QR code took community members to a survey that allowed them to rate the fixtures based on brightness and provide comments if desired. 

Test streetlight locations included:

  • Gordon Road (5 lights)
  • James Street between S. Virginia Avenue and Gundry Drive (5 lights)
  • Fulton Avenue from just west of N. Oak Street to Pennsylvania Avenue (6 lights)
  • Cherry Hill Park, enter from Park Avenue (5 lights)

Once the 30-day window expired, the City Project Manager compiled the results and shared them with other City stakeholders and staff. After meeting with stakeholders, it was decided that the City would implement the lowest available wattage (70 watts) and color temperature (3000 Kelvin) for all fixtures throughout the City.     

About the Project: Why is it important? 

As part of the City’s environment and sustainability goals, the City has an opportunity, through a partnership with Dominion Energy (DEV), to expedite the replacement of all Dominion-owned mercury vapor and high-pressure sodium streetlights with LED light fixtures. 

The LED fixture uses 75 percent less energy and lasts five times longer. Energy and maintenance cost savings allow for payback periods of as little as four years for a basic fixture or 12 years for a premium fixture.  


The project is funded through the CIP Program with a grant from Dominion Energy.

Project History

To date, City staff have presented to the following boards and commissions and has had a multi-department task force site visit with DEV to confirm lighting options.  

  • Planning Commission: February 2020
  • Architectural Advisory Board: April 2020
  • Environmental Sustainability Commission: May 2020
  • CACT: September 2020
  • Dominion Field Visit: October 2020


For more information about this project, please contact Lionel Millard at 571-395-0880 (TTY 711).