Section 8. Additional Resources

This section hosts resources that explain concepts in further depth, links to relevant websites, definitions of concepts, and more.

VML Publications

The Virginia Municipal League has a library of documents they've published that are helpful in navigating the duties of a Council Member. Several of these publications are listed below.

  • The VML Handbook for Virginia Mayors and Council members can be accessed here.
  • A Guide on VA FOIA, COIA, and the Public Records Act can be accessed here.

State Code 

Virginia Code Section 15.2 is of special interest to you as a Council Member since it establishes and defines local government in the state. This section contains information on the types of localities that exist in Virginia, how localities are formed, the powers delegated to different bodies, legal requirements these entities must abide by, and much more.

Roberts' Rules of Order

As discussed in the Council's Rules of Procedure, the City Council abides by a modified version of Roberts' Rules of Order, a set of principles and procedures that help organize meetings. This parliamentary procedure seeks to organize meetings efficiently while maintaining decorum and respect throughout the process. 

Master Plans and Other Planning Documents

The Planning department hosts a library of planning related documents, studies, and presentations for frequently discussed projects. These documents can be accessed at For a list of the most up to date information about current development projects click here.

Online Access to Documents

Most public meeting documents are uploaded to the City Website. Agendas, minutes, video recordings, and other materials from City Council and advisory board meetings can be accessed using the City webcast page.