Disability Services & Elections

Curbside Voting

Curbside voting is available at early voting and Election Day polling locations for people 65 or older or with a physical disability. When you arrive, look for the "Curbside Voting" sign near the accessible parking area. Call the phone number on the sign to contact an election officer. Keep in mind that a curbside voting request doesn't put you at the front of the line, so please be patient.

After checking you in on the pollbook, an election officer will give you a ballot to mark and place in a privacy folder. The election officer will return to the polling place and immediately place your ballot into the voting machine to be counted. 


All registered voters may choose to vote absentee by mail, early in person, or in person on Election Day. 

Special Accommodations for Voting Absentee by Mail

  • Voters who are visually impaired may indicate on their absentee ballot application that they would like to mark their ballot electronically, using an online program. The marked ballot must be printed by the voter on their own paper and returned in the special envelopes mailed to them by the registrar's office. 
  • Assistance in marking the ballot may be provided to a voter by anyone who is at least 18 years old. The assistant must complete a form that will be mailed to the voter with the ballot.

Voting in Person

  • All polling places are wheelchair accessible. 
  • Curbside voting is available for those who are 65 years old or older, or any person with a physical disability. 
  • Ballot marking devices (Hart InterCivic Verity TouchWriter) are available in every polling location. These are designed to provide voters with disabilities the opportunity to mark their ballot unassisted. Voters with visual impairments may use the audio headset to mark a ballot without assistance. 
  • A magnifying device is available in every polling location to assist in reading the regular ballot.
  • Assistance in marking the ballot may be provided to a voter by anyone who is at least 18 years old. You may ask an election official to assist you or bring an assistant with you. The assistant must complete a form that the election officer will provide.