Chapter 3 Update: Tinner Hill Historic & Cultural District

About the Tinner Hill Historic & Cultural District 

The proposed Tinner Hill Historic & Cultural District will commemorate the legacy of Tinner Hill and its ties to the Civil Rights Movement. The first rural chapter of the NAACP was established by leaders from the Tinner Hill community.  

The Draft Comprehensive Plan Amendment (January 2024)

As proposed, the Tinner Hill Historic & Cultural District would be included as part of the Comprehensive Plan in Chapter Three – Community Character, Appearance, and Design.

View the current draft here - The Tinner Hill Historic & Cultural District Comprehensive Plan Amendment

Area Description 

The proposed Tinner Hill Historic & Cultural District is located along the South Washington Street Corridor. The district includes sites along Tinner Hill Road, South Washington Street, South Maple Avenue, and West Annandale Road. The district is neighbored by Fairfax County.

The Sites

The following sites are part of the proposed Tinner Hill Historic & Cultural District: 

  • Charles and Mary Elizabeth Tinner House
  • Galloway Methodist Church (cemetery in Fairfax County)
  • Joseph and Mary Tinner Home Outline (demolished)
  • The Henderson House
  • The Tripp Quarry – Trondhjemite (in Fairfax County)
  • The Zig Zag (Adinkra) Sculpture
  • Tinner Hill Civil Rights Monument
  • Tinner Hill Historic Site Marker
  • Written in Stone Walking Trail

The District Map


Project Schedule 

Meeting/ Event Date 
Tinner Hill Heritage Foundation Meeting (Outline & Map Review)  November 30, 2023
Historical Commission Meeting (Outline & Map Review) December 14, 2023 
City Council Kickoff Work Session January 16, 2024
Planning Commission Work Session   January 17, 2024
Historical Commission Meeting  February 1, 2024
Economic Development Authority Meeting February 6, 2024
Arts & Humanities Council Meeting  February 15, 2024
City Council Work Session #2 April 2024
Planning Commission Work Session #2 April 2024
City Council 1st Reading and Referral to Planning Commission  April 2024
Planning Commission Public Hearing and Recommendation to City Council May 2024
City Council Public Hearing and Final Consideration May 2024
*note all upcoming dates are tentative and can be subject to change*  

Project Contact Information

For public comment or questions, please contact the following City Staff:

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