Stormwater Utility Fund

The second Stormwater Utility Fee will be attached to the real estate tax bill, which will be mailed in November. For more information on how the Utility was created, please click here.

If you have any questions after receiving your bill please call 703-248-5458 (TTY 711) or email Customer Service at

To view your property's impervious coverage mapping please click here.

If you believe your property's impervious coverage has been mapped incorrectly please submit a Stormwater Utility Fee Adjustment application.

Sample Calculation

Property's Impervious Area:
1,100 SF for roof
750 SF for driveway
300 SF for patio
100 SF for walkway
= 2,250 SF total impervious area

Divide the impervious area by 200
(2,250 / 200 = 11.25)

Round the result to the next highest whole number
(round 11.25 up to 12)

Multiply by $19.28 to calculate the annual total fee:
(12 x $19.28 = $231.36)

Sample Bill

Gravel Driveways
For information on why gravel driveways are considered impervious please click here.