City employees who work 20 hours per week or more and are in permanent status are eligible for city benefits. Employees are paid every other Friday. Here is a printable list of all the benefits available to employees.

Workers' Compensation

Workers' compensation is a state program designed to protect employees who become injured or disabled because of a job-related accident or illness. The city covers all regular employees for wages up to 6 months, beginning the day of the injury, if it is necessary for an employee to be off work; thereafter, the city's insurance carrier provides wages in accordance with its coverage. Temporary employees are paid in accordance with the Virginia Workers' Compensation Act.

Employees must report a job-related injury or illness immediately to their supervisor. The Human Resources Division ensures appropriate medical attention is provided through 1 of the city's designated physicians. The employee and supervisor must complete an injury report and forward it within 1 working day to the Human Resources Division for processing.

Employee Assistance Program

The city recognizes that a wide range of external problems can potentially affect job performance. For that reason, the city has contracted with an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The EAP is a confidential, diagnostic counseling and referral service available to regular employees, their spouses, children, and retirees who are experiencing personal issues such as substance abuse, marital or family problems, or emotional instability.

In certain cases, if job performance falls below expected performance standards, supervisors may require employees to contact the EAP. The counselors are not city employees and the visit is confidential. There is no charge to visit the EAP (up to 8 visits per problem per calendar year), but appointments are required.

Deferred Compensation

A Deferred Compensation Program is available to employees as an additional retirement plan. This is known as a Defined Contribution Plan. A percentage of the employee's total salary may be invested in this flexible investment program. No federal or state taxes are taken out of the contribution. These funds are not available to employees while employed by the city unless an unforeseen emergency defined by the IRS exists. Upon terminating employment with the city, employees must report any funds withdrawn as ordinary income. The city also offers an option to enroll in a Roth IRA.

Flexible Benefits

The city offers flexible spending accounts for medical care and dependent care. Employees may set aside pretax dollars for these accounts in accordance to the federal limits and guidelines.

Tuition Assistance Program

Full- and part-time regular employees are eligible for tuition assistance for specific credits if the course or class pertains to their position or promotion potential. The following educational programs and courses qualify for tuition assistance: job-related courses in a graduate or undergraduate program, job-related professional or technical certification courses that may provide upward mobility within the city, but are not included in a departmental training budget or any other educational program approved by the City Manager.

Employees who terminate their employment within 1 year of completing an undergraduate course or 2 years for a graduate course, must reimburse the city for the amount of tuition paid by the city on a prorated basis.

Direct Deposit

A banking service that enables the city to deposit weekly paychecks into employee checking or savings accounts.

Credit Union

The Apple Federal Credit Union offers membership services to city employees. These services include checking, savings, and loan accounts, and a Christmas club through payroll deductions.

College Savings Plans

Employees may contribute to Section 529 VPEP and VEST college savings plans for their dependents through payroll deduction.


Free parking in designated areas is available to employees who have been issued parking permits; parking permits must be displayed in the vehicle.