Drive-Through Permit

How to Apply for a Permit

  • Email the Records Office and include
    1. A photo or scan of your driver's license
    2. A photo or scan of your vehicle registration
  • The permit will be mailed to you.
A do not enter sign, with special hours listed when you cannot enter

Who Can Apply

Residents living on or adjacent to streets with restricted access during certain hours of the day may obtain a drive-through permit to allow them access to those streets.

Restricted access streets are:
  • North Roosevelt Street
  • South Cherry Street
  • Berry Street
Residents of the following streets may apply for drive-through permits:
  • Berry Street
  • Brook Drive
  • Cleave Drive
  • North Roosevelt Street
  • Ridge Place
  • South Cherry Street
  • Sycamore Street
  • Tuckahoe Street