New Massage Therapist Permits

To obtain a new Massage Therapist Permit in the City of Falls Church you must:
  1. Complete the Falls Church massage therapist permit application. Applications must be completely filled out and notarized prior to submission. Per City Code Section 8-76 the application process can take up to 21 days to complete.

  2. Contact Paul Whitney at 571-623-4083 (TTY 711) or via email to start the application process. He will confirm you have all of the correct paperwork and meet the criteria to be a licensed massage therapist with the City of Falls Church.

    You will be notified if you qualify to apply for a City of Falls Church Massage Therapist Permit. Then, you will be asked to drop off or mail your paperwork. Then a detective from the criminal investigations division will review the paperwork and conduct a background check. You will be asked for fingerprints and a digital photo. A $50 annual application fee must be paid to the City Treasurer.

  3. These are mandatory items for permit issuance.
    • Completely filled out and notarized massage therapist application
    • Copy of your Current Commonwealth of Virginia Board of Nursing Certificate to Practice as a Massage Therapist
  4. These are desired items for permit issuance:
    • Copies of your schooling documents
    • Copy of your national certification
  5. These are mandatory documents that must be obtained after the permit has been issued:
  6. It is your responsibility as a licensed massage therapist in the City of Falls Church to read and understand the city ordinance for Massage Therapy Establishments and Services (Code of Ordinances, Part II, Chapter 8, Article II).