Residential Parking Permits

How to Apply for a Permit

  • Email the Records Office and include
    1. A photo or scan of your driver's license
    2. A photo or scan of your vehicle registration
  • The permit will be mailed to you.

About the Permits

A number of streets within the city require parking permits for residents and visitors. Parking enforcement officers will look for displayed parking permits to determine whether or not a person is legally parked in a residential area.

Restricted Parking Streets

Permits may be requested for the following streets:
  • Birch Street
  • East Jefferson Street
  • Forest Drive (200-316)
  • Lawton Street
  • North 11th Street (610-700)
  • North 26th Street (6933-6937)
  • North Sycamore Street (1100-block)
  • North Underwood Street
  • South Lee Street (100-198)
  • South Oak Street (107-119)
  • Van Buren Street (400-500 block)
  • West Marshall Street (110-204)
  • West George Mason Road
  • West Greenway Boulevard
Parking Permit Sign
Not all residential areas require a permit from the police department. In areas with signs that read "City Decal Exempt," the city tax decal serves as the permit. In those instances, city residents require no additional permit from the police department. Visitors will require permits as above.

Zone Parking

There are two areas in the City with zoned parking restrictions that require a permit to park on the street during certain times: Winter Hill Neighborhood (Zone 1) and Grove & Park Avenues (Zone 2). 

Other restrictions are limited to streets (see section above). 

Visitor Parking Permits

Residents may receive up to 2 free visitors parking permits per household through the police department. Visitors must display the permit while parked in residential areas. (Note different rules for the Winter Hill Zone 1 area.) Please note that these restrictions do not apply to service or delivery vehicles conducting business in a residential area. Service or delivery vehicles are allowed to park in a residential area for up to 8 hours within a 24-hour period without the use of a permit.

Parking Permit Violations

Violations should be paid to the Treasurer.

Modify Existing or New Parking Restrictions

Residents interested in modifying existing parking restrictions or creating new parking restrictions should complete a restricted parking request form.