City Council


The City of Falls Church operates under the Council-Manager form of government as provided by the City Charter and adopted by the Virginia General Assembly in 1950. Political authority is vested in the seven-member City Council, which enacts ordinances and resolutions, approves City budgets, sets tax rates, and establishes policy. In formulating decisions and policy, the Council Members act as a group. The City Manager is appointed by the Council as full-time administrator of the City government.

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Current City Council

A photo of each of the seven Council members in 2024.

The current City Council is pictured above. Top row: Letty Hardi, Mayor; Debbie Hiscott, Vice Mayor; Marybeth Connelly; and Erin Flynn. Bottom row: Caroline Lian, David Snyder, and Justine Underhill.


The seven Council Members are elected at-large for four-year terms and are not affiliated with any national political party. Elections of City Council Members are held in November of odd-numbered years for staggered terns. With the seating of a new Council, the Council members elect the Mayor and Vice Mayor for a two-year term. For information about running for a seat on City Council, please contact the Office of Voter Registration and Elections.

Council Members are often career professionals holding down full-time jobs. In addition to attending 22 Council meetings and 22 work sessions each year, they attend meetings of local boards and commissions and regional organizations. Members also serve on committees of state and regional organizations and participate in the Virginia Municipal League.

In addition to their legislative duties, City Council Members participate in community events, speak before civic groups, and attend citywide and regional events upon invitation.

City Council Members are paid $9,200 per year and the Mayor is paid $9,800 per year. For more information about the City Council, please contact the City Clerk.