Bicycle Wayfinding & Sharrows, Park & Maple Avenue

This project includes the installation of bicycle way finding signs and sharrows along Park Avenue and Maple Avenue. The project will better facilitate travel between the W&OD Trail and the commercial areas of the city. The project will not result in the loss of on-street parking.

Download the full plan.

What are Sharrows?
"Shared-lane markings" or "sharrows," are intended to help motorists and cyclists safely share and navigate streets. The sharrows show cyclists where to be in the road (aligned with the middle of the chevron markings), and along with "Bikes may use full lane" signs, remind drivers that the presence of bicyclists is to be expected.

Sharrows are different from bike lanes, which are reserved exclusively for bicyclists and are marked by a solid white line and a bicycle symbol. They also show where cyclists can ride on the street without being hit by a suddenly-opened car door. Although it is the responsibility of the motorist to check before opening their door, riding too close to parked cars (in the "door zone") is still a common mistake bicyclists make that can lead to serious injury.
Bike Route