Special Operations Division

The Special Operations Division provides protection to all residents and guests of the city from all forms of terrorism, disasters, and critical incidents. We will respond to incidents in a prompt professional manner, with integrity and vigilance in safeguarding the community.


The special operations unit provides a centralized unit within the Sheriff's Office to plan and manage the agency's response to incidents such as civil disturbance, crowd management during large events, or potential acts of terrorism. Areas of involvement for the unit include special event planning, emergency management, vulnerability assessment, and critical infrastructure protection patrols.


Created in 1999, the Special Operations Division was established to ensure that all residents and guests of our city are adequately protected from the threat of any and all forms of terrorism, specific natural disasters, and other critical incidents. In the event of an incident or disaster in the City of Falls Church, members of the Falls Church Sheriff's Office, in conjunction with the Falls Church Police Department, will provide much of the first response. It is crucial that our first responders attend to the critically injured, initiate rescue operations, establish crime scene and security perimeters, and develop communication lines.

First Responders

While assistance from state and federal personnel will eventually arrive to assist, it is imperative that our first responders are trained and ready for the initial deployment. The members of the Special Operations Division are committed to the pursuit of a coordinated strategy of preparedness to ensure the readiness of our "first responders" who are ultimately entrusted with the mission of protecting all the citizens and visitors of our city. Speed and effectiveness of planning, prevention and mitigation, and response to significant public safety incidents is the goal of the Special Operations Division.

Men and women from within the Sheriff's Office support the Special Operations Division. This division requires a tremendous amount of dedication, as intensive and strenuous training is often required from those involved.