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Expanded Vital Records Services at Fairfax County Health Department

Certified copies of Virginia birth, death, marriage and divorce records are now available for purchase from the Fairfax County Health Department at four district office locations – in Fairfax, Herndon-Reston, Annandale and Mount Vernon.

Previously, the Health Department had two office locations that could provide residents and funeral home directors copies of death certificates and verification of death letters for the family of loved ones who died. By expanding its Vital Records services, the Health Department will now offer records for these life events occurring in the Commonwealth of Virginia:

  • Births: June 1912 to present
  • Marriages: 1936 to present
  • Divorces: 1918 to present
  • Deaths: June 1912 to present.

A client may request a certificate for oneself or next of kin/immediate family, which includes mother, father, current spouse, child, brother, or sister, and others under certain circumstances, with valid ID. Each copy is $12 and payable by cash, check or credit card.

Certified copies of Virginia vital records are also available through Virginia’s Division of Vital Records and at full service Department of Motor Vehicles locations.

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