Electric Vehicles

Although walking, biking, or taking public transportation remain the most sustainable modes of transportation, electric vehicles outperform traditional internal-combustion engine (ICE) vehicles both environmentally and economically, when you need to drive.  Check out the EPA’s Green Vehicle Guide for a wealth of information and resources.

Dominion Energy also provides a number of helpful resources regarding electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicle Charging

To learn more about how to install a charging station, operate a charging station, or charge in public visit the U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center.

You can also check out the Alternative Fueling Station Locator to search for charging stations in the City of Falls Church.

Incentives and programs are available to reduce the cost and complexity of installing EV charging stations at home or at a business:

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at City Hall

There are four (4) level 2 charging stations in front of City Hall and another four (4) level 2 charging stations located behind City Hall in the Community Center parking lot.  Use of these stations is currently open to the public, and can be accessed through the Blink app, which can be downloaded to your smartphone (iOS or Google).

Charging station fees are structured to encourage EV use (first hour free), recoup costs to the City (per kWh charge after first hour) and increase turnover to make stations available to other users (move vehicle fee after charging is complete).  

First hour free, $0.20/kWh after that, $3/hour fee move fee is billed after charging is complete (with a 15 minute grace period).