Affordable Dwelling Unit Program

Available Rental Affordable Dwelling Units (ADUs) 

  • For ADU units at Northgate, Pearson Square, and Founders Row contact Housing and Human Services office
  • For ADU units at Lincoln at Tinner Hill and West Broad Falls contact the rental office.
  • Founders Row Flyer 2021
If you are interested in getting on the ADU waitlist please fill out an application form found online and send it to Once a unit is available we will contact you for more information. 

​Home Ownership ADUs

Affordable Homeownership Program (New)

The City of Falls Church has been awarded Amazon Grant Funds to create a new Affordable Homeownership Program. This program will create new affordable homeownership opportunities through the conversion of market rate units to affordable ones. The program is currently in development, however the City has created a waiting list. Please contact or call 703-248-5005 (TTY 711) to be added to the waiting list.

More information coming soon.  

ADU Program Applications

All documents are part of the required application for each section.

Program Terms