Health Care Resources

Health care is critically important, and there are a number of resources in the area available to help individuals and families without primary health care coverage. Health care, dental services, mental health services, and substance abuse services are available to eligible residents. Staff will help residents determine the most appropriate program for their needs.

Housing and Human Services staff are available to help residents determine the most appropriate program for their needs.

Dental Clinic Fee Reduction Program

City of Falls Church residents may request a reduction for the dental clinic cost. To apply for the program a" Request for Fee Reduction" application form and supporting documentation must be submitted a minimum of three weeks in advance.  All requests will be evaluated based on overall household income and size relative to the financial assistance eligibility scale which is included with the application.
Dental Clinic Fee Reduction Program Application and Instructions

Virginia Medicaid Expansion: Enrollment Begins November 1

Virginians who may have applied for Medicaid in the past and been denied may be eligible beginning January 1, 2019. Under the new guidelines, a single adult making at or below $16,750 annually may be eligible. A parent in a family of three with a household income at or below $28,700 may qualify. An applicant must be 19 to 64 years old and cannot receive or be eligible for Medicare. Additional criteria apply.

Medicaid expansion will have a positive impact on the families and communities we serve by increasing access to comprehensive health care and improving health outcomes. The specific details of the expansion are ongoing and you may access additional information including how and when to apply at Cover Virginia.

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