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City Clerk

  1. Application for Boards and Commissions

    Apply to become a member of a city or regional board or commission.

  2. Public Comment Sign-Up for City Council Meeting on Monday, December 11, 2023

    Sign up to present a public comment during the regular City Council meeting.

  1. FOIA Request Form

    Request Records - Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request Form

Commissioner of the Revenue

  1. Tax Evader Program (Online Form)

    Use this form to submit information regarding a vehicle potentially unregistered with the City of Falls Church.

  2. Vehicle Registration Form (for City Decal)

    Use this form to register a vehicle with the City and obtain a Decal. The City of Falls Church does not include the greater mailing... More…

  1. Vehicle Disposition Application

    Use this application to report a sold/moved/traded or otherwise disposed of vehicle that was garaged and taxed in the City of Falls... More…

Communications Office

  1. Film Permit Application

    Permit application for filming in the City of Falls Church.

  2. Vaccination Pin: A Badge of Honor

    You got vaccinated, congratulations! You're doing your part to help us get back to normal. Please complete the form below and the... More…

  1. Test Form

    This is a test form.

  2. Website Wish List (Internal)

    City employees are welcome to send in ideas for the new website. What would make your job easier? What would make it easier for our... More…

Community Planning and Economic Development Services (CPEDS)

  1. Building & Trade Permit Inspection Request

    Request an inspection for work done under Building and/or Trade permits.

  1. Permit Status Request

    Use this form to request the status of a permit application under review

Human Resources

  1. Employee Shining Star Awards

    The “Shining Star Award” is a simple, high-impact way for a City employee to recognize a job well done. ANY staff member may use it to... More…

  2. New Employee: Alert System Registration and Website Editor Sign-Up

    Welcome to the City! The Office of Communications (OCOM) manages the City's alert system and website. REQUIRED: Alert System ... More…

  1. Employee Suggestion Box

    This is a virtual suggestion box for City Employees.

Public Works

  1. Block Party Road Closure Request

    This form is to request the complete closure of one roadway block for a limited time to allow for a block party. It is important to... More…

Real Estate Assessment

  1. Change of Mailing Address

    Update your mailing address with the City's Real Estate Assessment Office and Treasurer's Office.

Rec & Parks

  1. Special Events Permit Application

    Complete the following application in full to receive consideration for a Special Events Permit at least 3 months in advance of the... More…


  1. Dog License Application

    City of Falls Church Dog License Application