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City Clerk

  1. Application for Boards and Commissions

    Apply to become a member of a city or regional board or commission.

Commissioner of the Revenue

  1. Tax Evader Program (Online Form)

    Use this form to submit information regarding a vehicle potentially unregistered with the City of Falls Church.

  1. Vehicle Registration Form (for City Decal)

    Use this form to register a vehicle with the City and obtain a Decal. The City of Falls Church does not include the greater mailing... More…

Communications Office

  1. Film Permit Application

    Permit application for filming in the City of Falls Church.

Development Services

  1. Building & Trade Permit Inspection Request

    Request an inspection for work done under Building and/or Trade permits.


  1. Ask a Librarian
  2. Library Card Application

    Online application for patron borrower card

  1. Interlibrary Loan Request
  2. Proctored Exam Request Form

    The Mary Riley Styles Public Library proctors exams for (1) residents of the City of Falls Church and (2) employees of the City of... More…

Public Works

  1. Right-of-Way Notification Request

    Notify the Department of Public Works for construction activity occurring within the city Right-of-Way