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FOIA Request Form


    If you experience an issue with completing this form or would prefer to use another method to submit your request, please contact the City Clerk's Office at 703-248-5014 (TTY 711) or

  2. In accordance with the Virginia Freedom Information Act, the timing for response begins the first business day after receipt of the request, allowing for five (5) business days to complete the search. In the event the search will require more time, the Act provides for an additional seven (7) days-time.

    • The Act allow the City of Falls Church to assess reasonable charges not to exceed the actual cost incurred in accessing, duplicating, supplying, searching for requested records, or developing a cost estimate. If you would like a cost estimate, please let us know promptly before we provide a response to your request. Please note if we do not hear from you promptly, we will continue to process your request, and you may be responsible for any charges incurred.


    • The cost of making copies is ($0.15) per b/w copy and ($0.25) per color copy; and the hourly rate for staff accessing, duplicating, supplying, searching for requested records, or developing a cost estimate is $25.00/hour. Copies made by an outside vendor are likely to cost more.  Oversized copies may cost $5.00 per page, particularly if they are in color. Additionally, if the cost of producing records is likely to exceed $200, you will be requested to make a deposit not to exceed the amount of the advance determination.  The deposit shall be credited toward the final cost of supplying the requested records.


    • In addition to charges for staff time and for copying, charges may be incurred for retrieving records from off-site storage. If electronic records are no longer available locally, there may be an additional charge for retrieving them through our IT contractor.
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    I understand the process for FOIA requests and the potential charges involved. 

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