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Tax Evader Program (Online Form)

  1. Report a Potentially Unregistered Vehicle
    The Office of the Commissioner is dedicated to fairly assessing all vehicles normally garaged or parked in the City of Falls Church jurisdiction. Per VA Code § 58.1-3511 pertaining titles and Falls Church Ordinance 40-34 any vehicle normally garaged in parked in the City of Falls Church is eligible for taxation in the City barring special situs exceptions granted therein. The Commissioner is granted authorities by the Commonwealth of Virginia to statutorily assess any vehicle which is evidenced as eligible for taxation and unregistered within any other jurisdiction. This form is designed to allow citizens to assist the Commissioner in fulfilling such duties fairly and equally for all residents of Virginia and designated local constituents.
  2. 2017-2018 Winning Vehicle Decal
  3. Enter an estimated local street address where the vehicle was parked.
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