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Library Card Application

  1. Welcome to the Mary Riley Styles Public Library
    We must issue you a Barcode Number and PIN before you will receive borrowing privileges, including access to online services.
  2. Primary Phone Type
  3. Alternate Phone Type
  4. NOTE: For access to cards belonging to children under 14, parents/guardians MUST complete "Parental/Guardian Access," below.
  5. Notification Preferences
  6. Due Date Warning (3 Days Prior)
  7. Overdue Notices
  8. Reserve Ready for Pick-up
  9. Checkout Receipt with List of Items
  10. By signing you agree... keep track of the due dates for your materials--library reminder notices are only a courtesy. return or renew items checked out to this card by the due date, or pay an appropriate late fee. pay the replacement cost for lost or damaged items checked out on this card.
  11. Electronic Signature*
    By checking "I Agree," you agree and acknowledge your electronic signature is valid and binding in the same force and effect as a handwritten signature.
  12. Proof of Residency Required (select one)*
  13. Parental/Guardian Access (REQUIRED for children under 14)
    The Library's confidentiality policy allows the following options for parental/guardian access to a child's account.
  14. Select one:
  15. For options B or C, parents must provide acceptable identification when requesting access. Circulation records only contain information on materials that are currently checked out and on unpaid fines and fees. No historical information is kept on what has been checked out on the card in the past.
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