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Mary Riley Styles Virtual Teen Volunteer Application

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  2. Mary Riley Styles Virtual Teen Volunteer Application

    The Virtual Volunteer program is open to teens in grades 7-12. Please select one or more volunteering options that interest you.

    • Book Reviews and Recommendations
      • Book Review volunteers will be sent a form to fill out to share reviews and read-alike recommendations for the books they are currently reading. Books should be appropriate to the volunteer’s reading level and the form must be filled out completely to be accepted. Accepted forms will count for 1 hour of volunteer service. Completed reviews will be posted on Library social media with the volunteer’s first name and grade level.
    • Sidewalk Art
      • Art volunteers will be loaned a set of sidewalk chalk to decorate the sidewalk outside of the Library’s temporary location. Decorations can be pictures or an interactive display, such as an obstacle course. Credit for volunteer time will be given based on time spent by volunteers creating an art display.
    • Teen Advisory Board
      • The Teen Advisory Board meets once a month on Zoom for 1 hour. The Library is currently being renovated and a new Teen-only space is being added on the lower level. TAB members will share their ideas to make the Teen space into their space, as well as creating programming that they want to see in the Library, giving their input on book selection, and more.
    Questions? Email the Teen Librarian, Laura Miller at

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